Life: The Excitement of Biology

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LEB 6(2) 2018

Petrulevicius – A New Malachite Damselfly (Synlestidae: Odonata) from the Eocene of Patagonia, Argentina

Saul – Homosexuality as a Necessary Outcome of Variation 6(2)

Santiago-Blay and Shaffer – Introducing Mathematics in
Non-Science Majors Biology Courses Using MathBench 6(2)

Santiago-Blay et al. – Obituary Juan Cristián Orrego-Benavente (January 31, 1944 Santiago, Chile – December 12, 2018 San Salvador, El Salvador) 6(2)

Miapeh – Jerubbaal International Inc.: Bridging the Gap Between the Needy and Humanitarians in Liberia, Africa 6(2)

Santiago-Blay – Book Review – Du Iz Tak? 6(2)


LEB 6(1) 2018

Santiago-Blay, J. A. Editorial: The First Five Years (2013-2017) of Life: The Excitement of Biology

Saul, J. M. Geographical and Biological Origin of the Influenza Pandemic of 1918. 

Fitzhugh, K. Science and Religion: Compatible or Incompatible Explanatory Realms?


LEB 5(4) 2017

Rios-Franceschi, A. and R. L. Joglar. Harmonics:_Rediscovering Eleutherodactylus Vocalizations. LEB 5(4):173-180

Erbey, M. and S. Candan. Comparative Morphology of the Endophallus (Male Internal Genitalia) in Eight Species of the Genus Lixus Fabricius, 1801 (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Lixinae): A Scanning Electron Microscopy Study. LEB 5(4):181-193.

Hribar, L. J.  New Locality Records for Four Species of Lower Diptera in the Florida Keys, Florida, USA. LEB 5(4):194-195.

Santiago-Blay, J. A.  Index for Volume 5 of Life: The Excitement of Biology. LEB 5(4)196-197.


LEB 5(3) 2017

Kocak and Okutaner – Koçak and Atılay Okutaner_Some Cytogenetic Methods for the Investigation of Insect Chromosomes and Their Implications for Research in Systematic Entomology

Brisola_Marcondes_and_Carvalho Pinto_- A Practical and Inexpensive Device for the Manipulation of Mosquitoes and Other Small Insects

Friedman et al. -Late Cretaceous Amber in Texas: Chemical Characterization and Paleoenvironment 

Santiago-Blay – The Bad Food Bible. How and Why to Eat Sinfully by Aaron Carroll (MD), with a Foreword by Nina Teicholz

Howe_- Intrinsic Value



LEB 5(2) 2017

McCallum – Are We Ignoring a Serious, Preventable Occupational Health Risk Among Life Scientists in Academia? 

Lechner – Orchelimum gladiator Bruner, 1891: An Addition to the Prey
Record of the Great Black Wasp, Sphex pensylvanicus Linnaeus, 1763 (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae: Sphecinae)


LEB 5(1) 2017

Santiago-Blay 2017a Editorial: The First Four Years (2013-2016) of
Life: The Excitement of Biology

Slama and Santiago-Blay 2017 Terrestrial Insects with Tracheae Breath by
Actively Regulating Ventilatory Movements: Physiological Similarities to Humans

Santiago-Blay_2017b Book Review Green Universe: A Microscopic Voyage into the Plant Cell by Stephen Blackmore 


LEB 4(4) 2016

Rodríguez-Ferrer et al. LEB 4(4) Abundance of the Common Bottlenose Dolphin,
Tursiops truncatus (Montagu, 1821) (Mammalia: Artiodactyla:
Delphinidae) off the South and West Coasts of Puerto Rico

Nuñez-Rodríguez and Liria – Geometric Morphometrics Sexual Dimorphism in Three Forensically- Important Species of Blow Fly (Diptera: Calliphoridae)

Hribar – Where Was Grasmere, Florida, USA? 

Santiago-Blay – Book Review – Modern Poisons: A Brief Introduction to Contemporary Toxicology by Alan S. Kolok

Santiago-Blay – ORCID

Santiago-Blay – Errata

Santiago-Blay – Index Volume 4


LEB 4(3) 2016

Andrew et al.2016. Changes in United States’ Citizens’ Interest in Sustainability (2004 – 2014). LEB 4(3):138-164.

Martins et al.2016. Lecto- and Paralectotype Designations and Redescription of
Arachnocoris alboannulatus Costa Lima, 1927 (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Nabidae) LEB 4(3):165-173

Santiago-Blay et al. 2016. An Illustrated, Step by Step Workflow for Digitizing Video Home Systems, Enhancing Their Visual Quality, Placing a Screen-Visible Time Stamp, and Tracking Movement Using Computer Vision Technology.  LEB 4(3):174-214.

Lambert et al. 2016. Ferns, Cycads, Ginkgo, and Gnetophytes: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Characterization of Exudates from Exotic Plant Sources. LEB 4(3):215-232.

Hoogeveen 2016. Bio-Visie Natuureducatieve Projecten or Biovision Nature Educational Projects. LEB 4(3)233-234.

Zielinski 2016. Swat Away the Breath of a Bee LEB 4(3):235-236.

Shen2016. Ginkgo, Melody of Nature: A Photographic Journey to Origin
of Ginkgo: How Male and Female Ginkgos Date. LEB 4(3):237

Jahangeer 2016. Book Review. Tipping Point for Planet Earth: How Close Are We to the Edge? by Anthony D. Barnosky and Elizabeth Anne Hadly. 2016 LEB 4(3):238-241.



LEB 4(2) 2016

Puente-Rolon et al. – Diet Comparison of Free-Ranging and Cave-Associated
Puerto Rican Boas, Chilabothrus inornatus (Reinhardt, 1843) (Reptilia: Boidae), Using Stable Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopes

Rios et al. – Natural History Observations in the Puerto Rican Dwarf Anole, Anolis occultus Williams and Rivero 1965 (Squamata: Dactyloidae): Nectar-Feeding, Bird Predation, and a Review of the Species’ Natural History with Implications for Its Conservation

Zimmerman and Kight – Responses of Four Arthropod Prey Species to Mechanosensory, Chemosensory and Visual Cues from an Arachnid Predator: A Comparative Approach

Santiago-Blay – Errata


LEB 4(1) 2016

Santiago-Blay – LEB4(1):1-2 Editorial: The First Three Years (2013-2015) of Life: The Excitement of Biology

Rios et al. – LEB4(1) :3-10 Natural History Notes on the Reproductive Biology of the Melodious Coqui, Eleutherodactylus wightmanae (Schmidt, 1920), the Whistling Coqui, E. cochranae (Grant, 1932), and the Mountain Coqui, E. portoricensis (Schmidt, 1927) (Anura: Eleutherodactylidae), from Puerto Rico

Sarria-Panasá et al. LEB 4(1):11-26 Levels of Trace Metals in the Clam, Polymesoda solida (Philippi, 1846) (Bivalvia: Cyrenidae), from the Strait of Lake Maracaibo and Bahía El Tablazo, Venezuela 

Lechner – LEB 4(1):27-31 – Interesting Incidents with Sphex pensylvanicus Linnaeus, 1763 (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae) Wasps and Their Prey Items in Sioux City, Iowa, USA

Mercado et al. LEB 4(1):32-71 Review of the West Indian Arachnocoris Scott, 1881 (Hemiptera: Nabidae), with Descriptions of Two New Species, and a Catalog of the Species

Baird – LEB4(1):72- 79- Turning Science into Song How It All Began

Santiago-Blay – LEB 4(1):80-85 Book Review: Silent Sparks: The Wondrous World of Fireflies by Sara Lewis