Life: The Excitement of Biology

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LEB 6(3) 2018

Pearson, K. C. – Will Culling the Northwest Atlantic Gray Seal Population, Halichoerus grypus (Fabricius, 1791) (Carnivora: Phocidae) on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA Reduce the Risk of Human-White Shark Encounters? LEB6(3)

Ye, W. – Shell Selection of the Hermit Crab, Pagurus longicarpus Say (Crustacea: Decapoda: Paguroidea), in Response to Acid-Treated Shells: A Laboratory Study LEB6(3)

Santiago-Blay, J. A. Erratum. Obituary. Juan Cristián Orrego-Benavente (January 31, 1944 Santiago, Chile – December 12, 2018 San Salvador, El Salvador) – LEB6(3)


LEB 6(2) 2018

Petrulevicius – A New Malachite Damselfly (Synlestidae: Odonata) from the Eocene of Patagonia, Argentina

Saul – Homosexuality as a Necessary Outcome of Variation 6(2)

Santiago-Blay and Shaffer – Introducing Mathematics in
Non-Science Majors Biology Courses Using MathBench 6(2)

Santiago-Blay et al. – Obituary Juan Cristián Orrego-Benavente (January 31, 1944 Santiago, Chile – December 12, 2018 San Salvador, El Salvador) 6(2)

Miapeh – Jerubbaal International Inc.: Bridging the Gap Between the Needy and Humanitarians in Liberia, Africa 6(2)

Santiago-Blay – Book Review – Du Iz Tak? 6(2)


LEB 6(1) 2018

Santiago-Blay, J. A. Editorial: The First Five Years (2013-2017) of Life: The Excitement of Biology

Saul, J. M. Geographical and Biological Origin of the Influenza Pandemic of 1918. 

Fitzhugh, K. Science and Religion: Compatible or Incompatible Explanatory Realms?


LEB 5(4) 2017

Rios-Franceschi, A. and R. L. Joglar. Harmonics:_Rediscovering Eleutherodactylus Vocalizations. LEB 5(4):173-180

Erbey, M. and S. Candan. Comparative Morphology of the Endophallus (Male Internal Genitalia) in Eight Species of the Genus Lixus Fabricius, 1801 (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Lixinae): A Scanning Electron Microscopy Study. LEB 5(4):181-193.

Hribar, L. J.  New Locality Records for Four Species of Lower Diptera in the Florida Keys, Florida, USA. LEB 5(4):194-195.

Santiago-Blay, J. A.  Index for Volume 5 of Life: The Excitement of Biology. LEB 5(4)196-197.


LEB 5(3) 2017

Kocak and Okutaner – Koçak and Atılay Okutaner_Some Cytogenetic Methods for the Investigation of Insect Chromosomes and Their Implications for Research in Systematic Entomology

Brisola_Marcondes_and_Carvalho Pinto_- A Practical and Inexpensive Device for the Manipulation of Mosquitoes and Other Small Insects

Friedman et al. -Late Cretaceous Amber in Texas: Chemical Characterization and Paleoenvironment 

Santiago-Blay – The Bad Food Bible. How and Why to Eat Sinfully by Aaron Carroll (MD), with a Foreword by Nina Teicholz

Howe_- Intrinsic Value



LEB 5(2) 2017

McCallum – Are We Ignoring a Serious, Preventable Occupational Health Risk Among Life Scientists in Academia? 

Lechner – Orchelimum gladiator Bruner, 1891: An Addition to the Prey
Record of the Great Black Wasp, Sphex pensylvanicus Linnaeus, 1763 (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae: Sphecinae)


LEB 5(1) 2017

Santiago-Blay 2017a Editorial: The First Four Years (2013-2016) of
Life: The Excitement of Biology

Slama and Santiago-Blay 2017 Terrestrial Insects with Tracheae Breath by
Actively Regulating Ventilatory Movements: Physiological Similarities to Humans

Santiago-Blay_2017b Book Review Green Universe: A Microscopic Voyage into the Plant Cell by Stephen Blackmore 


LEB 4(4) 2016

Rodríguez-Ferrer et al. LEB 4(4) Abundance of the Common Bottlenose Dolphin,
Tursiops truncatus (Montagu, 1821) (Mammalia: Artiodactyla:
Delphinidae) off the South and West Coasts of Puerto Rico

Nuñez-Rodríguez and Liria – Geometric Morphometrics Sexual Dimorphism in Three Forensically- Important Species of Blow Fly (Diptera: Calliphoridae)

Hribar – Where Was Grasmere, Florida, USA? 

Santiago-Blay – Book Review – Modern Poisons: A Brief Introduction to Contemporary Toxicology by Alan S. Kolok

Santiago-Blay – ORCID

Santiago-Blay – Errata

Santiago-Blay – Index Volume 4


LEB 4(3) 2016

Andrew et al.2016. Changes in United States’ Citizens’ Interest in Sustainability (2004 – 2014). LEB 4(3):138-164.

Martins et al.2016. Lecto- and Paralectotype Designations and Redescription of
Arachnocoris alboannulatus Costa Lima, 1927 (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Nabidae) LEB 4(3):165-173

Santiago-Blay et al. 2016. An Illustrated, Step by Step Workflow for Digitizing Video Home Systems, Enhancing Their Visual Quality, Placing a Screen-Visible Time Stamp, and Tracking Movement Using Computer Vision Technology.  LEB 4(3):174-214.

Lambert et al. 2016. Ferns, Cycads, Ginkgo, and Gnetophytes: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Characterization of Exudates from Exotic Plant Sources. LEB 4(3):215-232.

Hoogeveen 2016. Bio-Visie Natuureducatieve Projecten or Biovision Nature Educational Projects. LEB 4(3)233-234.

Zielinski 2016. Swat Away the Breath of a Bee LEB 4(3):235-236.

Shen2016. Ginkgo, Melody of Nature: A Photographic Journey to Origin
of Ginkgo: How Male and Female Ginkgos Date. LEB 4(3):237

Jahangeer 2016. Book Review. Tipping Point for Planet Earth: How Close Are We to the Edge? by Anthony D. Barnosky and Elizabeth Anne Hadly. 2016 LEB 4(3):238-241.



LEB 4(2) 2016

Puente-Rolon et al. – Diet Comparison of Free-Ranging and Cave-Associated
Puerto Rican Boas, Chilabothrus inornatus (Reinhardt, 1843) (Reptilia: Boidae), Using Stable Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopes

Rios et al. – Natural History Observations in the Puerto Rican Dwarf Anole, Anolis occultus Williams and Rivero 1965 (Squamata: Dactyloidae): Nectar-Feeding, Bird Predation, and a Review of the Species’ Natural History with Implications for Its Conservation

Zimmerman and Kight – Responses of Four Arthropod Prey Species to Mechanosensory, Chemosensory and Visual Cues from an Arachnid Predator: A Comparative Approach

Santiago-Blay – Errata