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LEB 8(4) 2020

De Loof, A. and L. Schoofs. 2020. From One Site of Insect Juvenile Hormone Synthesis, No Identified Receptors, and a Denomination as “Status Quo Hormone” in the 1960s to Multiple, Sometimes Conflicting, Possibilities to Date. Life: The Excitement of Biology 8(4):196-238.

Aiello, A. 2020. A View from the Past. The One-Room Schoolhouse: Good Riddance or Sad Loss? Life: The Excitement of Biology 8(4):239-241.

Bartell, G. 2020. News from the Neighborhood. From the Fish (Pisces) I Raised and Sold to the Butterflies (Lepidoptera) I Rear and Release in York Pennsylvania, USA. Life: The Excitement of Biology 8(4):242-246.

Santiago-Blay, J. A. 2020. Index for Volume 8 (202) of Life: The Excitement of Biology 8(4):247-249.


LEB 8(3) 2020


LEB 8(2) 2020


LEB 8(1) 2020

Santiago-Blay, J. A._Editorial. The First Seven Years (2013-2019) of Life: The Excitement of Biology 8(1):1-3.

Nieves-Rivera, A.,  J. P. Zegarra Vila, C. E. Figuerola Hernández, J. E. García-Hernández, and N. V. Schizas. 2020 Recent and Historical Explorations of the Underwater Section of Cueva del Agua, Punta Los Ingleses, Mona Island (Puerto Rico), with a New Faunal Record. Life: The Excitement of Biology 8(1):4-22.

Lugemwa, F. N. 2020. Editorial. The Coronavirus Pandemic in the Age of Social Media: A Chronology and Impacts on Peoples of African Descent. Life: The Excitement of Biology 8(1):23-33.


LEB 7(4) 2019

Resources for Integrating Immersive Experiences in an Educational Setting by Amy Kuntz LEB 7(4):165-180.

A Distribution Model for the Green Iguana, Iguana iguana (Linnaeus, 1758) (Reptilia: Iguanidae), in Puerto Rico by Carlos Andrés Rodríguez Gómez, Rafael L. Joglar, Mariano Solórzano, and William A. Gould.  LEB 7(4)181-196. 

A New Molecular Type of Amber for Burma (Myanmar) by Joseph B. Lambert, Jonna M. Karlberg, Natasha R. Muppala, Tayde A. Contreras, Yuyang Wu, and Jorge A. Santiago-Blay LEB 7(4):197-212.

Addendum. Voucher Specimens of Littorina littorea Used in Paper Authored by Ye and Published in LEB 6(3):108-121 in 2018 Are Deposited at ANSP. William Ye. LEB 7(4):213-214.

Index to volume 7 of Life: The Excitement of Biology by Jorge A. SantiagoBlay LEB 7(4):214-216.


LEB 7(3) 2019

Ecological Factors and the Distribution of Adult Odonata in Puerto Rico by Ariel Diaz, Delwin J. Rodríguez-Flores, Ana G. Rivera-Vega, Edgardo Cruz-Marcano, Iris M. Velázquez-Oliveras, and Luis A. Villanueva-Cubero. LEB 7(3):115-147.

Superparasitism on the Wasp Ammophila pictipennis Walsh (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae: Ammophilinae) by Strepsiptera, with a Record of Observed Instances of Stylopization of Wasps in the Genus Ammophila Kirby from the Grounds of North High School, Sioux City, Iowa, U.S.A. 2008 – 2019 by G. K. Lechner._LEB 7(3):148-158.

Book Review – An Introduction to Plant Structure and Development. Plant Anatomy for the Twenty-First Century (Second Edition). 2007 by Charles B. Beck. Cambridge University Press. New York, NY, USA. 441 pp. ISBN 978-0-521-51805-5 (Hardback) by Jorge A. Santiago-Blay._LEB 7(3):159-164.