Life: The Excitement of Biology

A journal promoting the in-depth understanding of all forms of life


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Life: The Excitement of Biology (LEB)

ISSN 2325-081X (print), ISSN 2325-0828 (online)

LEB is a peer-reviewed journal whose vision is to  provide the global  scientific community as well  as the broad public with diverse, high-quality, readable,  and interesting  articles on a wide  variety of biological  and  related interdisciplinary scientific  topics.


The mission  of LEB is to promote broad  understanding of  all  forms of life, such as bacteria,  plants, fungi, animals,  and others at all levels of the  biological hierarchical organization, from the atomic to the biospheric.  LEB also promotes understanding  of the evolution of life, from its earliest records to its  current manifestations on Earth – or elsewhere.

Subject Coverage: All life. Original, review (or both) manuscripts of any length on systematics, ecology, evolution, morphology, physiology, behavior, biodiversity, conservation, paleobiology, and any other aspect of living or extinct organisms as well as nomenclatural, natural history, and curatorial papers, new distribution records, biographies, book reviews, obituaries, papers dealing with educational/outreach aspects of biology, history of biology, interdisciplinary areas of biology, methods/technical papers as they apply to biology, among others, are appropriate topics for papers submitted to Life: The Excitement of Biology.  Please, feel free to contact the editor if you have questions.

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